AST - 6" to 56"

 Autonomous Self-Propelling Tool

The main purpose


Main AST function is to provide inspections of pipelines with no product flow – directly after construction or reconstruction. AST is totally autonomous platform with on-board power source. Main AST drive module may be used as multichannel caliper tool itself or with a precision measurement single channel caliper tool as tractor.


AST Construction


AST design consists of closed metal frame with 12 to 16 (depends on size) driving wheels in two rows. Active electromechanical suspension of all wheels allows to successfully manage all tasks of passing of narrow, inclined and vertical pipeline parts, allows centering of payload, and provides energy saving feature on a horizontal pipeline parts.


Ecological and economical properties


Standing out ecological and economical properties of the device (AST) give it great advantage over existing technologies. No pumps are needed for AST inspection, which means no fuel expenses and no emissions to the environment. Also it means saving on personnel and infrastructure.


Main AST features:


- SPC increases quality of inspection due to constant speed of motion, without impacts and stops.


  - Modular design, which allows to provide fast repair or easy reassembly to fit different size of pipeline.


  -Distributed control system, where each driving module has it's own control unit, which is connected to other units and central processor for communication.


  - Modern design – 32-bit controllers with low power consumption, fast data copying capability (high-speed USB 2.0 interface, up to 20MByte/s), remote control via Bluetooth interface.


  - Work simplicity. For example, at after operator “Start” command AST drives into pipeline from launching tray by itself.


- High reliability. Embedded software code and data storage redundancy. Code and data integrity control and recovery.


- Fast start-up time with power on. Virtually instant reaction on emergency case.


- Operator software, which allows to provide self-diagnostics of AST elements and systems, control internal set-up, or manually control drive train and suspension.


- Analysis software, which allows review and process data with module for inspection report generation. It allows to look up recorded data in graphical mode, make search for abnormalities and classify them for defects or construction elements. Having this information, you can generate report with table and graphic data, describing found objects.


We are ready to provide AST for pipelines from 28 to 48 inches diameter, other sizes on request. Addendum contains example specification for 30 inches AST.


Latest AST generation have been designed having wide experience of running pipeline diagnostic devices on a real pipes within Russia and abroad.




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