High resolution MFL tool for pipeline inspection

Main purpose

Features detection in pipeline walls and welds.


Detected features

General corrosion, pitting, cross cracks, groups of cracks (stress-corrosion), technological anomalies (scratching), girth weld cracks, dents, welding points, pipe type and sizes, wall thickness, magnetic permeability of material, pipe length, valve location, bends and other construction elements.


Distinctive features

Measure resolution: – circle resolution 2.5 mm, axial resolution 5 mm.

Exact anomaly positioning on the basis of odometer and accelerometer data.


Elemental base

32х bit processors with low power consumption,



Fast start-up time with power on

Instantaneous reaction in case of emergency.

Remote control by wireless channel (Bluetooth).

USB connection without drivers.

Fast data copying capability (Hi-speed USB up to 10Mb/s);

Convenient storing and copying of data without processing.



Adaptation of ILI-Tool to exploitation conditions.

The design lets produce three ILI-Tool groups depending on pipeline diameter:

4 to 10 inches

12 to 16 inches

20 to 38 inches

40 inches and more



Reservation of inboard software code and data.

Constant control of inboard software and data integrity (recuperation remedies).

Program of ILI-Tool system monitoring.

Program of data visualization and analysis with the module of report generation.

Monitoring and analysis of data, recorded with ILI report generation module, in graphical mode.

Searching and classification of anomalies, features and pipeline elements.

Report issue, including tables and graphic data.




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